Badger Hollow Observatory Construction: 2015-04-23

The view to the south
Building materials delivered
Holes for the posts and pier drilled
View to the north. The ground here is rocky, with a rock ledge a couple feet down
View to the west. It took the excavator 45 minutes to drill the holes
View to the east. It would have taken me weeks
The post holes are 18 inches in diameter and 36 inches deep. The pier hole is 24 inches in diameter and 54 inches deep
Taylor looks on (possibly hoping to see progress on a hay storage barn)
The form for the lower part of the pier is in place, and the rebar cage readied
The hole swallows the 10' high rebar cage. The cage was made from 100 feet of half inch rebar
The detachable upper pier form is ready. Concrete will be poured in the lower form first, then the upper form bolted into place and the top poured
The 6x6 vertical PT posts are set
The structure is squared and ready for concrete
The concrete is poured and the top plate bolts in their template are set and leveled
A mobile concrete service mixed and poured the 2.5 yards of high strength concrete on site
The top plate bolts are aligned to true north
The posts are set as well -- the lumber yard ran out of shorter 6x6 posts and so delivered a pair of longer posts (in case you were wondering "Why so tall?")
A reciprocating saw without a blade made an excellent form vibrator to prevent voids
The pier was wrapped in plastic and kept wet for 10 days for a good cure