Badger Hollow Observatory Construction: 2015-05-20

The floor sheathing was added
And the roof rafters marked and cut -- the roof has a 6/12 pitch
2x4s were added to the top inside glulams for the roof tie-down mechanism (we get strong of winds)
The roof joists have been cut and marked for the rafters, and the tie-down supports added
The roof has been framed and rolled off on half a dozen 6 inch polyurethane casters (each rated to 900 pounds)
The casters ride upon PVC 1x4 trim set onto the top of the glulams
The tie-down rails are barn door roller rails mounted upside down. The rollers will be in tension with the roof and rail, holding down the roof in all positions
The 6 inch polyurethane wheels riding on the PVC clad rails means the roof glides back and forth with just a slight push