Badger Hollow Observatory Construction: 2015-08-30

Rough-in wiring work was completed
External power will be available on the north and south (pictured here) walls
The north wall has wiring for sockets, lighting (and switches) and the roll-off roof motor
The south wall and pier simply have outlets (the empty box will be used for cat6a)
The sub-panel was wired and the local breakers installed (one each for the pier, south wall, and north wall)
The local circuits were connected to the sub-panel (all circuit wire is 12 gauge)
The two 20 amp main power circuits were connected to the house's main panel (and protected by double throw breaker)
Fixtures and receptacle were then installed
The two interior lights (one red and one white) will be installed after the insulation and paneling
The electrical service is now ready for use