Losmandy Titan Installation (2016/02/03)

For astrophotography the mount is the single most important piece of equipment, often costing twice that (or more) of the next most expensive item. I wanted a mount that could handle any telescope I would be likely to use... or possible two telescopes at the same time. With an equipment rating of 100 pounds the Losmandy Titan met all of my requirements.

My "grab and go" telescope and mount have been standing in until I could purchase permanent equipment for the observatory
The boxes for the Titan arrived Tuesday afternoon and spent the evening entertaining the ferrets, who have to investigate all new arrivals
The pier adapter (Dan's Pier Plates below and the Losmandy MAL on top)
The right ascension assembly
Latitude adjustment
Level north to south
Level east to west
The declination assembly
The declination shaft plus counterweight (the 6se barely requires even this one weight)
The completed mount with the Gemini 2 controller
The constant eastern bias weight mechanism is in place
Temporarily the 6se is mounted (like a flea on a dog) and the system has been polar aligned