Badger Hollow Observatory Planning

Badger Hollow is on Grizzly Mountain near Prineville Oregon. We have 34 acres, and while most of that is either used for horses or restored to natural grassland, there is still a lot of space for other projects.

I selected a location for the observatory that is about 175' from the back door of our house, with good horizons to the south, west and north. I only needed to cut down about ten junipers to clear the site.

I will run a 20 amp circuit in trench from the house electrical panel to the observatory.

I decided upon a roll off roof design, and because the site is not level (it drops 27 inches along the length of the roll off roof rails) a pole building design seemed best, and I have experience building these type of structures. Telescope and mount will be anchored on a concrete pier.

The observatory itself will be 10'x10', and the roof will overhang by a foot on either side, thus requiring 12' long rails to slide the roof out of the way
Casters with 6 inch diameter wheels would carry the roof over a pair of tracks made from exterior glulams
The posts will carry the weight of the rails (and thus roof) and floor. The walls will not be structural (other than as bracing), and will rest on the floor
The top several feet of the southern wall will be lightweight, and hinged to drop down when a lower horizon is needed